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​Where can I get tickets and what do they cost?


Tickets for Voltage can be purchased at Joe's Place Youth Centre, Hillcrest Church, John's Music and Peavey Mart. Advance tickets are only $25 but they will be $30 at the door. Out of town groups can reserve advance tickets by calling 306-693-5637.


*Due to the possibility of a sell-out we are encouraging people to buy their tickets in advance and arrive on time. Registration is from 8:00 PM to no later than 9:30 PM. If we are at max capacity those arriving later than 9:00 PM may not be allowed in. Registration ends at 9:30 PM!


When does Voltage start and end? When do I pick up my kid?


The doors open December 31st at 8pm (registration is from 8pm – 9:30pm) and the party ends at 6am. Students are allowed to leave at any time, but they cannot come back in again once they have left. This is to ensure that we maintain a drug and alcohol free environment. Please ensure that your teen has a ride home promptly at 6am (or before) so that the volunteers who have been up all night can get a bit of sleep before the long week of clean-up begins.


How can you charge so little for such a huge event?


This is only possible thanks to numerous donors who give money and prizes as well as volunteers who give of their time. Watch this website and the Joe's Place Facebook page for a list of all of the many donors who make Voltage possible. For more information on how you can help, click the DONATE tab.


What should I bring?

You might want to bring some extra money for food, band merch or other cool gadgets (see next question for specifics). If you get sweaty easily you should bring deodorant and spare T-shirt, please! If you are entering a team of four in the Gladiator Games competition, feel free to make yourselves some epic gladiator banners to unify your team. It is mandatory to check bags and backpacks to ensure Voltage stays a chem-free event. Coat check is available at no cost. Do not bring drugs or alcohol.


Should I bring extra money? What is there to eat?


Once you have paid your admission fee, there are no other charges for events, games or tournaments. It's a long night so you will need some extra money for food and drinks. We sell hot food from the Midnight Café as well as snacks and drinks from the Swag Shack. There are also some pretty cool items to buy this year. The musicians who are performing will also have merchandise tables so you might want to pick up a CD or T-shirt. 


Is there any place to sleep?


Anywhere is fine if you are OK with waking up covered in shaving cream thanks to your buddies. Seriously, do you think you are going to try to sleep with all this noise and fun going on?


What does "chem-free" actually mean?


Chem-free means that drugs and alcohol are not allowed into the event. It also means that if we notice any youth exhibiting signs of using either drugs or alcohol, we will ask them to leave. We have a breathalizer on site and we may have a visit from Moose Jaw K-9 again this year. If we ask a youth to leave the event we will contact their parents or guardians and make sure they get a safe ride home.

Is my teen safe at this event? Are there any trained professionals there to supervise?


Voltage is a highly supervised event. We have as many as 100 volunteers who help to supervise the event including a police officer on the premises as well as several certified First Aid persons. Throughout the night there are also various other professionals helping to supervise the event including doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, social workers, teachers, pastors and youth pastors. Staff and volunteers from Joe's Place Youth Centre (who have years of experience working with youth) are always on site. If a youth decides to leave they will not be allowed to come back in. This is a chem-free event!


Will you let me know when my son or daughter leaves the party?


Voltage is too large of an event for us to keep track of every youth personally. We cannot stop students from leaving if they want to leave, but we can't let them back in, as we are trying to maintain a drug and alcohol free environment. There are telephones available for use free of charge so that youth can call home for rides.


Can I call and get someone to check up on my son or daughter?


Unfortunately Voltage is too large of an event for us to check up on specific youth throughout the night. However, our staff of 80-100 make sure that the entire atmosphere of Voltage is safe and fun so that parents do not have to worry.


My child is 12, can they come to Voltage?


Sorry, but Voltage is for ages 13-19. We'd love to have them come next year, but it discourages the older youth from coming if we allow pre-teens in.


Voltage is in a church, so is it only for church youth group kids?


No!  Every youth, ages 13-19, is welcome at Voltage, no matter what race, religion or income bracket. We are all about welcoming any youth to enjoy a safe and fun New Year's Eve without drugs or alcohol.


We are not from Moose Jaw, can we still come to this?


We'd love to have you. We already have groups from across Saskatchewan reserving their advance tickets so give us a call to reserve yours. We even have some youth from Alberta and Manitoba making the trip.


What does the schedule look like? When does everything start and end?


Registration: 8pm -9:30pm, December 31st.
Countdown to New Year Session: 10:30pm-12:15am

Prize Session: 4:15am-5:30am
Special Guest Concert: 4:30-5:00am
Contests & Activities: throughout the night (Gladiator Competition, photo contest, inflatables, Bike In a Box, spa, etc.).
Featured Artists and Side Stage Artists will perform at various times throughout the night. (Schedule to be posted at venues and on website prior to Voltage.) CLICK the QR CODE on a Voltage poster for the latest updates.


How can I donate to help keep this incredible event running?


For more information on how you can help, see the DONATE page.




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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