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Every year at Voltage, 500+ teens (ages 13-19) from Moose Jaw and surrounding area ring in the new year without the influence of drugs or alcohol. Months of careful planning culminate in 10 hours of live entertainment, music, costumes, contests, competitions, prizes, food and more. The incredible energy and excitement of the "Countdown to New Year" session will stay with you for weeks to come. This memorable event is made possible through countless hours given by volunteers and generous donations made by our community!


It's an action-packed night of adventure and fun for all involved with arcades, inflatables, art, drama, a spa and a mini movie theatre. Contests and competitions abound and successful competitors are rewarded with epic prizes. The fun continues with a Karaoke Side Stage and hot food in the Midnight Café.


Check back for artist information as we confirm more talent! Just CLICK the QR CODE on a Voltage poster for the latest updates.

Buy tickets at Joe's Place, Hillcrest Church,
John's Music or Peavey Mart in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

*Due to the possibility of a sell-out we are encouraging people to buy their tickets in advance and arrive on time. Registration is from 8:00 PM to no later than 9:30 PM. If we are at max capacity those arriving later than 9:00 PM may not be allowed in. Registration ends at 9:30 PM!

If you would like to become a Voltage Sponsor, click here:

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